Huish outdoors – One company, with the best brands in dive

Huish outdoors

Huish outdoors has brought together the best brands in dive that combine for more than 200 years of history and product innovation.

Their portfolio of brands is iconic and complementary, and collectively represents a full line of products to cover every segment of the dive market. With the best brands in dive under one company, Huish outdoors does what no other company can do – satisfy the consumer demand for choice and best-in-category products through the power of the Dive Retailer.


Atomic aquatics is focused on using the best materials available to craft the highest performing dive equipment for the discerning diver.


Bare designs and produces the most innovative, technically advanced, ultra-efficient protection for adventurous water enthusiasts all over the planet.


Stahlsac designs and produces rugged, versatile luggage for water sports and outdoors adventurers. The brand’s clever and innovative designs meet the modern requirement of packing efficiently while also maintaining a highly fashionable look.


Oceanic offer the latest in accessible performance dive equipment to the recreational diver. The equipment is modern, reliable and easy to use. EVERY DAY – EVERY DIVE. By leveraging a large distribution and service network, as well as a large depth of parts availability. Oceanic keeps its focus on the diving, pure and simple.


Zeagle dive equipment is built to last, using strong materials and design to endure demanding dive conditions. The equipment provides a means to customize, achieving the specs and configuration the experienced diver needs. TESTED. TRUSTED.


Hollis provides superior, pragmatic and dependable technical diving equipment to the explorer who pushes the boundaries of diving.