Stahlsac designs and produces rugged, versatile luggage for water sports and outdoors adventurers. The brand’s clever and innovative designs meet … Read More


Oceanic offer the latest in accessible performance dive equipment to the recreational diver. The equipment is modern, reliable and easy … Read More


Zeagle dive equipment is built to last, using strong materials and design to endure demanding dive conditions. The equipment provides … Read More


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Huish outdoors – One company, with the best brands in dive

Huish outdoors has brought together the best brands in dive that combine for more than 200 years of history and … Read More

Atomic aquatics

Atomic aquatics is focused on using the best materials available to craft the highest performing dive equipment for the discerning … Read More

C4 Carbon – Carbone fins and spearguns

Since 1990, the Italian company C4 develops carbone fins and spearguns. C4 has equipped many world champions and famous free-divers … Read More

Ursuit – Manufacture of diving dry suits

Based in Finland, Ursuit is one of the world leader in dry suits. The dry suits URSUIT are mainly used … Read More

Tusa – Manufacture of diving equipment

Tusa is a japanese company and is known to be one of the most innovative players in the market. Inventor … Read More

Riffe – Blue water hunting equipment

Founded in Califorinia by Jay RIFFE, RIFFE is the go-to brand for the passionate Blue Water hunting. In addition to … Read More

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