AXESS MARKETING SAS was founded in 1999 in Marseille by Mr. Roger Blanc. Mr. Daniel Piotrowski has been managing the company since 2009.
The company’s head quarter is located in Aubagne (FRANCE) in the Parc d’Activite de Napollon, nearby every transportation mode : highway, high speed train, Marseille/Fos harbor, airport.



AXESS MARKETING is specialised in the development and distribution of aquatic and underwater equipments.

The company is organised around several services :

  • Customers service, 2 sales assistants
  • Sales service, 2 sales people based in Aubagne and Paris area
  •  Logistics: the company has an extensive storage facility. We manage our exports and imports in every region in the world
  • After-sale services: Axess has a workshop and a technician trained on the equipments distributed by the company.



Our main markets are scuba-diving, snorkling and spearfishing.
Our products are both designed for recreational (distributed via specialised stores) as well as designed for professionals : Search & Rescue, defense, underwater works.
In addition to its own brands, AQUATYS, AQUATYS RESCUE et H. DESSAULT,  the company AXESS MARKETING is also distributing ABYSSNAUT, BARE, C4 Carbon, OTS, RIFFE, TUSA and URSUIT.



Proximity, fast response and responsibility are at the heart of our values. Our organisation is focused on satisfying our clients, employees and shareholders.