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The AQUATYS RESCUE line was created over 10 years ago to fullfil the nautical search and rescue needs. It progressively expanded to additional professional activities such as military and underwater works.
In addition to AQUATYS RESCUE neoprene wetsuits, which are manufactured in France and CE certified, our network of partners enables us to offer solutions responding to every need : BARE and URSUIT dry suits, OTS full face masks, OTS and UTC under-water communication systems, SEAFLEX (lifting bags) and more.
AXESS MARKETING is distributing CYALUME safety devices. CYALUME Technologies is developping for more than 50 years lightning security devices to fullfill your needs. The production takes place in France and USA, the products are 100% phthalates free, with patented nontoxic formulations.
Our main customers are SDIS (Search and Rescue brigades), Civil Security, militaries, and the Coast Rescue (SNSM).
The AQUATYS RESCUE line is exported to Belgium, Switzerland and to the countries of the Maghreb region.
Please see the AQUATYS RESCUE catalogue here or download it here.

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